Secure, scalable, open-source online data collection platform for desktop and mobile surveys.


Survana easily creates questionnaires online. Quickly create, publish and share your surveys.

Mobile & Responsive

Create questionnaires that work on any device and any modern browser, regardless of screen size, form factor or operating system.


All data are encrypted using the industry standard 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, transmitted exclusively over SSL connections and protected using state of the art Elliptic Curve cryptography.

Offline Support

All surveys work offline, so you can take your tablet out in the field. When your network connection drops, survey progress won't be impacted.


Survana's modularized architecture allows for numerous deployment and scalability scenarios: run it on your laptop, private network or in the cloud.


Survana supports theming, with user-supplied themes and files coming soon.

Free & Open Source

Survana is licensed under the New BSD License. The source code is available on GitHub.